The DP Operator/Control Room Operator's overall responsibilities are, but not limited to, the following:

1.    He is fully responsible for DP Watch keeping and the communication with Driller and Engineer on duty as well as other marine related aspects of the operation including Standing orders.

2.    He shall all the time keep himself informed of what operations are in progress on drill floor.

3.    He shall make himself familiar with the different stages of drilling operations.

4.    Familiarize with the ballast and emergency ballast system as well as all damage and leak detection system.

5.    He shall demonstrate to the Stability Section Leader that he can properly handle and operate both the ballast and the emergency ballast system, after he has attended the onboard training.

6.    Monitor and keep continuous control of the stability of the drilling unit, its draft and position.

7.    Ensure that all ballast or load movements are correctly handled and logged as per instruction given by his superior and in full compliance with the Operations Manual.

8.    Keep records of all ballast/cargo movements.

9.    Keep continuous watch in the Central Control Room/Bridge.

10.  Assist in the daily stability calculations.

11.  Report to his superior any significant change in stability, and draft.

12.  Act as a duty mate (Navigator) during transit of the drilling unit.

13.  Promote on-the-job training and attend safety meetings and safety drills.

14.  Responsible for the daily maintenance and operation of the Central Control Room.


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