Scope (A brief statement of overall responsibilities)       

 Head of deck department and in charge of ISPS/SMS/ISM.

Responsible:  (The person directly responsible to)


Responsible for:  (The main job activities)

  • Head of the deck officers and ratings. The assignment of subordinated deck officers and crew.
  • Crew management / interdepartmental liaison.
  • Charge of safe and effective yacht operation and ISM implementation.
  • Charge of security matters, ISPS security implementation.
  • Charge of deck maintenance as per AMOS if available. Classification and statutory surveys and associated documentation.
  • Compilation of refit / dry dock specifications.
  • Control of deck spare parts and consumable stores.
  • Observance of deck budget.
  • Control and validity of ships documents.
  • Inspections and record keeping as per ILO requirements.
  • Ships stability, loading & ballast management.
  • Garbage management as per Marpol.
  • Tender operator.
  • Helicopter landing operator if available.
  • As per bridge senior navigational watch keeper.
  • In port duty deck officer watch keeper as per the roster.
  • Emergency duties: Bridge team member and marine evacuation system commander.


Required Competencies (minimum/essential):

  • Skills Able to run a large crew and maintain a yacht. Assist Captain in all areas if required.
  • Experience Min 3 years as 1st Officer on another or similar yacht.
  • Qualifications: Master Mariner Class 1 unlimited. GMDSS operator. Qualified SSO. Crises management and human behavior.


Desired Competencies (preferred but not essential):

  • Skills: Experience in a Captains job or relieving a Captain. Able to give and take and instruct.
  • Experience: Engineering and hotel practice for better understanding of the various departments.
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