Responsible:  (The person directly responsible to)

Owner, Chairman and Senior Management

Responsible for:  (The main job activities)

  • Overall command and responsibility for the safety, navigation and yacht operational of the yacht.
  • Responsible for the passage planning and safe navigation of the yacht including collision avoidance, ensuring secure anchoring, safe pilotage and berthing.
  • Maneuvering the yacht in anchorages, ports, dry-dock and all constricted waters.
  • Ensure operation of the yacht in full compliance with all applicable rules and regulations pertaining to marine legislation for navigation, classification, safety, marine pollution, manning and other relevant statutory instruments.
  • Set up the crew organization plan, job descriptions and reporting structure in keeping with operational requirements and normal marine chain of command.
  • Crew selection, recruitments, onboard management, standing orders and discipline.
  • Liaison and corporation with ships Management company for affecting an approved Safety Management System including Masters review of SMS.
  • Development and/or approval of the yacht operating procedures.
  • Ensure all departments adhere to the highest standards of yacht operation, service and maintenance.
  • Cruise planning and logistic in liaison with owners representative and palace staff.
  • Monitoring guest proceedings during cruises and ensuring all requirements are met by the crew.
  • Approval of all departments purchasing work orders, refit and dry dock specifications.
  • As per bridge senior navigational watch keeper.
  • In port duty deck officer watch keeper as per the roster.
  • Emergency duties: Bridge and overall command.

Required Competencies (minimum/essential):

  • Skills: Able to run a yacht to a top standard and be on the spot when requires from the owner.
  • Experience: Min 5 years as Captain on another or similar yacht.
  • Qualifications: Master Mariner Class 1 unlimited. GMDSS operator

Desired Competencies (preferred but not essential):

  • Skills
  • Experience Engineering and hotel practice for better understanding of the various departments.
  • Qualifications
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