1.     Leads and controls senior, junior welding supervisions and welders engaged in all activities related to welding processes. Optimize resources (manpower, equipment and materials) to ensure efficient and timely completion of the works. Setting and measuring of daily targets (Dia inch per day) to supervision and welders.

2.     Ensure all necessary tools and welding equipment is maintained in a current operable and calibrated condition. Ensures that welding team is properly supplied with tools, equipment and materials. Prevents wastage and misuse of equipment, materials and tools. Supervises welding team to best utilize manpower and materials, exercises discipline at the work site to prevent absenteeism, unsafe work practices and idleness.

3.     Providing welding expertise in the development of specific welding procedures or requirements related to piping.

4.     Plan, organize  and  support planners in  preplanning, generation of  programs,  five weeks manpower  planning and follow up of  all  jobs in order  to  utilize  optimum resources - manpower and equipment.

5.     Preplanning & follow up inter trade sequences & interferences, ensuring optimum use of resources.

6.     Coordinate with Welding Engineer, in maintaining the Welders qualification records, welders performance & piping WPS registry.

7.     Ensure  optimum  utilization  of  welding  equipments in  workshop, welding consumables, monitoring/reporting of wastages and maintaining the compliance of welding consumable handling procedures.

8.     Ensure all safety requirements for all project and the welding processes under their supervision are complied with - raise Occurrence Reports and Safety infringement forms in case of non-compliances and Quality Observation notes for non- conformances on processes and procedures.

9.     To communicate upwards - training needs for Welders, which are in line with the project requirements, process improvement suggestions and follow up on implementation.

10.  Control  and monitoring  of  department's  man-hour  expenditure  including  indirect hours,  overtimes  and  days  off  to  workers.  Controlling  the  man-hours  spent  vs. allocated for the jobs.

11.  Provide back up to the Sr. Foreman for managing and handling projects including providing technical advice as required.

12.  Ensure that all work is carried out to the required quality in the best possible manner and within the guidelines of industry's best engineering practices.

13.  Conduct frequent audits and document the outcomes to verify that enough efforts have been put in the areas of Productivity, Safety and Quality.

14.  Stop processes if they do not meet specified requirements, raise occurrence report, develop corrective and preventive action and ensure  that rework is carried out to customer satisfaction.

15.  Motivate, direct, align and guide  the welding  team for best  performance, monitor/record  performance,   and   provide   continuous   appraisal   & feedback. Empower sub-ordinates and provide apt tools and technique including process improvement suggestions and follow up on implementation.

16.  Identify training  requirements for  subordinates and provide  suitable  training  and guidance.

17.  Perform other job related duties as assigned by the section head.

Preferred Competencies

1.     Degree in Welding, Mechanical Engineering with 5 years of experience as Welding Supervisor.

2.     At least 7 years of experience in welding fabrication / repair: Shipyard, oil fields, pressure vessels, and structures.

3.     Knowledge of materials identifications and weld ability (both ferrous & non-ferrous) and various Non Destructive / Mechanical Testing Methods.

4.     Should be capable of formulating welding procedure for welding / repair welding.

5.     Should be capable of interpreting various international codes & class rules on welding & testing.


We  offer  an  attractive  remuneration  package  with  allowances  for accommodation,   transport,   medical   care   and   annual   holidays.   Interested candidates may send Resume/C.V.  quoting  Reference “ WELDING SUPERVISOR - PIPE ” to repairs@tarshish-shipping.eu


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